We went from less than $1,000 in bookings per month to an average of $8,000.

Our real estate agent was simply not getting enough bookings. We knew that something wasn't quite right so we took over from her and what we uncovered was incredible. 

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We acquired an investment property with the intention of primarily utilising it as an Airbnb rental. Joining the ranks of many Australians, we saw it as a perfect blend of investment and personal enjoyment, envisioning moments of relaxation in the space when it wasn't occupied by guests. Engaging a local real estate agent to oversee the property's marketing and management, our expectations were high, but the outcomes fell drastically short. Over six consecutive months, our bookings barely surpassed $1,000 per month, a clear indication that something was amiss.

As owners of the successful marketing agency, UnDigital®, we took matters into our own hands. What we uncovered was an incredible insight. It became evident that platforms like Airbnb, Stayz, and booking.com, while abundant in properties, primarily sorted listings by location. Yet, what about properties that deserved attention beyond their geographic confines? 

Thus, born from our revelations, emerged Australia's first Airbnb marketing service. Simply put, our approach transcends passive listing waiting games. Instead, we actively showcase exceptional homes to potential guests, leveraging a data-driven intelligence model synergised with platforms like Meta. The results speak volumes: our monthly bookings skyrocketed from a meagre $1,000 to an average of $8,000.

Today, our investment not only yields profits but also grants us personal enjoyment. We're satisfied with our decision and are eager to impart our insights to fellow Australian holiday home owners seeking to enhance their bookings and break free from the confines of conventional marketing strategies. We're currently marketing a handful of other properties with similar successful results and would like to speak to property owners with beautiful homes and big ambitions. 

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